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With Republicans still likely to be disproportionately unconvinced against COVID-19, a new Kaiser Family Foundation Analysis The GOP finds a clear divide between the non-vaccinated and the vaccinated – and younger, less educated, rural and more conservative Republicans are less likely to get the shot.

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The biggest predictor of whether Republicans have been vaccinated is their age, with 61% of unvaccinated Republicans ages 18–50, with only 44% being vaccinated, according to a KFF poll, of 1,519 American adults 14-years-old. was held on 24 October.

A large majority of non-vaccinated Republicans (45%) had a high school education or less (35% of those vaccinated), while those with a college degree or higher were 10 points more likely to be vaccinated (vaccinated). 21 of those who went vs. 31% of the 21 % uninfected).

Rural Republicans were 11 points more likely to be unvaccinated (27% without vaccination versus 16% without vaccination), while vaccinated Republicans were slightly more likely to live in urban or suburban areas.

Republicans are more likely to remain unvaccinated if they live in the county won by former President Donald Trump in 2020, with 65% living in a Trump-winning county with 52% of vaccinated Republicans.

Non-vaccinated Republicans are more likely to identify as ideologically “conservative” (68% versus 58% of vaccinated Republicans), while moderate Republicans are 10 points more likely to get the shot (23% of those without vaccinations). vs 23%).

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