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Duke University men’s basketball player Paolo Banchero, a potential top pick in next year’s NBA draft, and Michael Savarino, grandson of the team’s head coach Mike Krzyzewski, face charges from a DWI incident near campus in Orange County, North Carolina. are, early Sunday morning, according to court records received by News & Observers,

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20-year-old Junior Savarino was arrested for drunk driving in a car registered in Banchero that showed signs of impairment during a traffic stop, while a breathalyzer test showed a blood alcohol content of .08 . No,

Banchero, a 19-year-old freshman, was not arrested but was cited for aiding and abetting DWI as a rear-seat passenger in the vehicle, a unique North Carolina charge This can happen when a person intentionally gives the keys of his vehicle to an impaired driver.

Court records indicate that Savarino was released from the Orange County Jail under the supervision of Grayson Sher, the student manager of the Duke basketball team.

Banchero has a court date of December 8, while Savarino will go to court on December 9.

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