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1930s star Greta Garbo’s estate in Beverly Hills is up for sale for $12 million.

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The house, built in 1937, was originally intended for the actress and her then-boyfriend, conductor Leopold Stokowski, conductor of Disney’s Fantasia. Now it’s listed Mark Mintz at Compass.

The house, located on a hilltop in the Beverly Crest area, has six bedrooms and six bathrooms. It offers 180-degree panoramic views from downtown Los Angeles to the ocean and includes a spacious deck, lush lawns and an infinity pool. The space, which was completely renovated in 2006 by celebrity designer Nicole Sassaman, highlights open living areas, sliding glass doors, rich wood and stonework throughout.

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The Oscar-nominated star was fiercely protective of her privacy and made sure her home kept her private. Even during her lifetime, Garbo said: “I just want to be left alone.” The original small windows, along with high exterior walls, gave Garbo the opportunity to leisurely wander around and sunbathe in seclusion. The courtyard, surrounded by high walls, was inaccessible to photographers. This place has become a gathering place for the Hollywood elite.

Greta Garbo

Garbo and Stokowski eventually separated, and in 1945 he married heiress Gloria Vanderbilt. Garbo kept the house, and several tenants eventually took over, including singer and actor Tab Hunter. The Russian director, the current owner of the house, liked the history of the house so much that he bought it under Greta Garbo LLC.

After receiving three Academy Award nominations, Garbo retired at the age of 35 and moved to New York where she became a well-known recluse. Garbo passed away in 1990 at the age of 84.

Greta Garbo Nicole Sassaman

Sassaman, who was also fascinated by the home’s history, spent almost two years renovating the space, which has become a “modern marvel,” according to Elle Decor. She doubled the living space by building a second floor.

“The view from the top of the hill was stunning, but the estate didn’t take advantage of it because the house was built to keep residents out and the press out,” Sassaman told the publication. “We added as much glass as the city code allowed, and this tactic transformed the house from dark and private to open and airy.”

Sassaman also made changes to the layout of the house to enhance its charm. The patio has been converted into a living room with panoramic city and infinity pool views. Garbo’s bedroom became a home office and the main suite was installed on the newly built second floor. Another outdoor patio was enclosed and added to the kitchen, giving more space for cooking, dining and entertainment.

Greta Garbo in old Hollywood

The downstairs bedroom and bathroom, which used to be a guest room during Hunter’s residency, became a gym. Every space on the property has been custom-tailored by Sassaman to provide a view.

“I have been working to bring the world of yesterday and today together,” she said.


The curved fireplace in Garbo’s original master bedroom has been retained, as has the house’s sinuous exterior. Sassaman said she also kept the home’s unusual lines to stay true to Garbo’s time.

Tab Hunter

“The first time I saw the house, I couldn’t believe it had been in such a bad state for so long,” Sassaman said. “But I immediately saw how a house could be turned into something really special if I just let its glamorous past guide the renovation.”

Sassaman told the publication that she stayed at the estate while she built the pool and retaining wall in the backyard. She admitted that it is easy to fall in love with her.

“I loved living there with panoramic views of the city and the ocean,” she said.