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With less than three weeks until the 2021-22 NBA season kicks off, at least 15 teams are telling their fans they need to wax up if they want to see the action in person this season – Here are where fans will need to show proof of a Covid vaccination, or a recent negative test, to get in.

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Three teams will have no obvious exceptions to allow unvaccinated adult fans to participate in games – they are: New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets, ns Golden State Warriors And this Toronto Raptors.

Twelve teams must show fans either proof of vaccination or a qualifying recent negative test: Dallas Maverickshandjob New Orleans Pelicanshandjob Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippershandjob Boston Celticshandjob Chicago Bullshandjob Oklahoma City Thunderhandjob memphis grizzlieshandjob Portland Trail Blazershandjob Utah Jazoo And Sacramento Kings.

The NBA has a league-wide policy that requires all fans sitting within 15 feet of the court or player bench to either show proof of vaccination or have recently tested negative in the league’s arenas (except those who do not allow negative test for admission).

The NBA season begins on October 19 with a double-header from the Milwaukee Bucks hosting the Brooklyn Nets and the Los Angeles Lakers hosting the Golden State Warriors, as well as the rest of the league’s teams over the next two days.

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The NBA has far more teams mandated vaccines for their seasons than the NFL. Prior to this season only four NFL teams held the vaccine mandate—the Seattle Seahawks, New Orleans Saints, Las Vegas Raiders and Buffalo Bills. Both leagues are letting teams come up with their own health and safety guidelines for fans.

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The NBA requires all coaches and staff to be vaccinated against COVID-19, but players will not face such a mandate, as the union representing them has rejected the idea. “Non-starter.” Vaccine acceptance among players is nearly universal, with ESPN reporting 95% of vaccinations have been done. But that number does not include at least some of the league’s high-profile players. Washington Wizards’ Bradley Beale Said This Week He Hasn’t Got A Shot And Is “still contemplating” What to get vaccinated Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving, who is known for following bizarre conspiracy theories, said he would not disclose the status of his vaccine, but Rolling stone Reportedly, Irving is liking posts on an Instagram account that claim the COVID vaccines are part of a “devil’s plan” to connect black people to a master computer. Andrew Wiggins of the Golden State Warriors was also not vaccinated until last week after the NBA rejected his application for a religious exemption to the league’s vaccine policy.

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The NBA announced a new policy on Wednesday that will keep non-vaccinated players who are forced to sit out of games because of a vaccine order not get paid for the games they play. miss. This policy will only affect players who play home games in cities that do not allow exceptions for testing negative—New York and San Francisco—which affects the Nets, Knicks and Warriors. That means if Wiggins didn’t get vaccinated, he would lose about $15.8 million in pay. If Irving is not vaccinated, he will suffer even more damage – more than $17.5 million.

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