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Colleagues and relatives of the late US Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid gathered in Las Vegas on Saturday to share stories about his fighting spirit and loyalty at his funeral on Saturday, as well as about his time in Congress. Anecdotes told.

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Senate Majority Leader Senator Chuck Schumer recalled when Reid dragged him to the bathroom for an “important matter”, then gave him a bunch of cash, remarking that Schumer was right to become leader of the Democratic caucus someday. Were working, but “please buy some nice shoes.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Reid gave her “in a big way” [stuffed] Bald Eagle” after he announced his retirement, and when he asked him where he got it, he said it flew into a power line, so he called it “Sparky”.

Pelosi and President Joe Biden quipped at Reed’s habit of hanging up quickly on calls without saying goodbye, with Biden jokingly saying, “Every time I hear a dial tone, I think of Harry.”

Former President Barack Obama – who called Reid “one of the greatest Senate majority leaders of all time” – recalled a dinner at the White House at the end of his second term, where the famously laconic Reed had a sudden involuntary outburst of emotion. was telling Obama that he was proud of her before kissing her on the cheek – Obama said, “We were all shocked.”

Obama also recalled an instance when Reid, who was 70 at the time, was handed draft remarks referring to himself as a “former boxer” — with Reid omitting the word “former.”

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