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Schools in India’s capital New Delhi and its neighboring areas will remain closed indefinitely, while coal-fired power plants around the city will temporarily cease operations, the local government announced on Wednesday, as the region suffers from worsening air pollution. Battling – is already one of the highest levels. in the world – this prompted the Supreme Court of India to close down the city altogether.

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Also schools and colleges closed, Environment Ministry of India on Wednesday announced Six coal-fired power plants near Delhi will remain temporarily closed.

Despite not ordering a complete lockdown, the ministry’s Air Quality Management Commission (CAQM) has advised private offices to allow at least 50% of their employees to work from home by the end of this week.

Delhi Government asked All its employees will work from home while all state government offices will remain closed.

The federal government, however, opposed a complete lockdown of the national capital in a court hearing on Wednesday, noting that the Covid-19 restrictions have already caused major disruption in the region.

Supreme Court of India during the hearing on Wednesday Slammed Both the country’s federal government and various state and city administrations in the National Capital Region (NCR) for failing to act.

It is expected that the Supreme Court will decide on the complete lockdown before November 24.


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