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Outbreaks of monkeypox across Europe and North America – a rare virus not usually found outside parts of Africa – have caused governments to panic to secure supplies of treatments and vaccines to stop the disease.

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Bavarian NordicA Danish biotech that makes the only authorized vaccine against monkeypox in the world has been “bombed” with acquisition requests – including from countries that have not reported cases of monkeypox, spokesman Rolf Sass Sorensen told Forbes,

Sorensen said the firm is confident it will be able to meet demand for the shot, which is known under the brand name Genios in the US, and can produce about 30 million doses annually.

American drug maker Emerging Bio Solutions The smallpox vaccine ACAM2000 and produces two smallpox treatments, while not authorized for monkeypox, may posted Due to the similarities between the two viruses, to deal with the outbreak.

said to be accidental Forbes It has the capacity to produce about 18 million doses of ACAM2000 a year – there are more than 100 million doses in the national stockpile – and there has been greater interest in its products since the outbreak, though it would not discuss specifics or whether it would be was to increase or expand production.

Emergent Vaccinia also makes immune globulin – an antibody therapy that is not proven against monkeypox, but may be used as a investigative Medication in severe cases—and more recently agreement $337.5 million deal with biopharmaceutical firm Chimericks for antiviral drug brincidofovir.

said to be accidental Forbes The acquisition of the antiviral — which was approved by the FDA for use against smallpox in 2021 and also known as Tembexa — has not yet closed and Chimericks has not responded. Forbes‘ Request for comment.

‘Siga Technologies’ The antiviral drug tecovirimat, branded as TPOXX, is approved for the treatment of smallpox only in the US, but the European Medicines Agency has approved Authorized It is intended for use against monkeypox and smallpox.

Dennis Hruby, Chief Scientific Officer of SIGA Forbes The US government has 1.7 million courses of the drug in stockpiles and said there have been plenty of requests for the drug in Europe and other countries since the outbreak emerged, adding that the company is looking to “ramp up” production and establish an ready to do. Secondary supply chain when demand increases.

modern, The Massachusetts-based biotech behind one of the most successful COVID-19 vaccines, Told It was in the early stages of “investigating potential monkeypox vaccines”.

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