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As COVID-19 vaccine requirements go into effect for workers nationwide, new Morning Consult vote It suggests that workers’ aversion to vaccines varies wildly depending on the industry in which they work—here are the workers most and least likely to get the shot.

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Financial services workers have the highest vaccination rates, with 78% of workers having been vaccinated and an additional 6% planning to get the shot, according to a survey conducted November 5-8 among 48,018 US adults.

It is followed by the insurance industry (76% of vaccinations); technology (74%); professional and business services (74%); Leisure and hospitality (71%) and property and real estate (71%).

The survey found that 70% of health care workers who are subject to a vaccine mandate have been vaccinated, while 5% are planning to get the shot, 10% are unsure and 15% are unprepared for vaccination.

The lowest vaccination rates were among agricultural workers, with only 49% immunizations, followed by construction workers (55% immunizations); food and drink (61%); retail (64%); Manufacturing (64%) and Transportation (64%).

Publishing, entertainment and media workers were middle of the pack with 67% being vaccinated, but an additional 14% said they were planning to get the shot, which would put the industry at the top of the list if all those workers were vaccinated. Is .

The highest rates of opposition to vaccines were among agricultural workers (reluctant to vaccinate), construction workers (24%), manufacturing (21%), retail and transportation (both 19%), while technical workers were the least opposed. (9% reluctant).

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