Here’s everything new coming to Netflix in December 2021 — and what’s leaving

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Netflix Inc. has a ridiculous amount of original content coming out in December, including new seasons of some of its most popular series, Oscar-controversial movies, and several holiday specials.

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fantasy epic “Witcher” (December 17) returns for its second season, as monster-hunter Geralt (Henry Cavill) encounters a mix of elves, sorcerers and royalty in his adventures; “Money Heist” (December 5) Season 5 ends with the second half, as the Professor and his increasingly dwindling crew try to escape the besieged Bank of Spain with their pile of stolen gold; “Emily in Paris” (December 22) Season 2 is back, promising more fun, fashion and faux pas as All-American Emily (Lily Collins) tries to find her footing in Paris; “queer eye” (December 31) is back for its sixth season, this time making tear-jerking changes in Texas; and season 4 “Cobra Kai” (December 31) sees Daniel (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny (William Zabka) join forces in an effort to win the ever-important All-Valley Under-18 Karate Tournament.

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Too What’s coming to Hulu in December | Amazon Prime Video | HBO Max | Disney+

On the film front, Netflix NFLX,
There’s a couple with serious Oscar buzz “Dog Power” (December 1), a family drama directed by Jane Campion and starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Jesse Plemons as brothers running a 1920s Montana farm; And “don’t look up” (December 24), Adam McKay’s star-studded (Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Timothée Chalamet, Meryl Streep and many others) sci-fi comedy about astronomers who discover a comet that’s about to hit Earth .

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And there are many seasonal offerings, such as “single all the way” (December 2), a holiday rom-com starring Michael Urie, Philemon Chambers and Luke MacFarlane; fourth installment of “The Great British Baking Show: The Holidays” (December 3); and family rent “Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas” (December 3) and “David and the Elves” (December 4).

Here’s a full list of what’s coming and going as of November 23 (release dates are subject to change):

What’s coming in December 2021

December 1
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean — Netflix Anime
Kayko and Kokosh — Netflix Family
Kayko and Kokosh: Season 2 – Netflix Family
Lost in Space: Season 3 – Netflix Series
Dog Power – Netflix Movie

Are You the One: Season 3
blood and bone
body of Lies
Bordertown: Mural Murder
Death at a Funeral
Dr. Seuss’ the Cat in the Move
the final destination
final destination 3
Final Destination 5
fool’s Gold
the fourth Kind
Ink Master: Season 3
Ink Master: Season 4
knight rider 2000
Knight Rider: Seasons 1-4
law abiding citizen
legend of zorro
Zorro’s Mask
minority Report
Pet Sematary (1989)
prior notification
Sabrina (1995)
soul Surfer
Stuart Little 2
sucker Punch
think like a Man
we were soldiers
wild things
Wyatt Arpo

December 2
Coyotes – Netflix Series
Single All the Way – Netflix Film

The Whole Truth – Netflix Movie

December 3
cobalt blue – netflix movie
Coming Out Colton – Netflix Series
Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous: Season 4 – Netflix Family
Money Heist: Part 5 Volume 2 – Netflix Series

The Great British Baking Show: The Holidays: Season 4 – Netflix Series
Mixtape – Netflix Movie
Money Heist: From Tokyo to Berlin: Volume 2 — Netflix Documentary
Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas — Netflix Family

December 5
Japan Sink: People of Hope: Season 1 (Episode 8)

December 6
David and the Elves – Netflix Movie
Wire – Netflix Documentary

December 7
Centaurworld: Season 2 – Netflix Family
Go Dog Go: Season 2 – Netflix Family
Nicole Bayer: BBW (Big Beautiful Verdo) — Netflix Comedy

December 8
Caroline Kebacus: The Last Christmas Special – Netflix Comedy

December 9
Asakusa Kid – Netflix Movie
Bathtub on Broadway
Bonus Family: Season 4 – Netflix Series
The Family That Sings Together: The Camargos – Netflix Documentary

December 10
Anonymously Yours – Netflix Movie
Aranyak – Netflix Series
Back to the Outback — Netflix Film
How to Ruin Christmas: Funeral – Netflix Series
Twentysomethings: Austin (formerly Roaring Twenties) – Netflix Series
Saturday Morning All Star Hits! – netflix series
Still Out of My League — Netflix Film
Do – Netflix Movie
Unforgivable – Netflix Movie

December 11
bright colors
The Hungry and the Harry – Netflix Series

December 12
Japan Sink: People of Hope: Season 1 (Episode 9)

December 13
eye in the sky

December 14
future diary
Russell Howard: Lubricant – Netflix Comedy
Starbeam: The Beginning of the New Year — Netflix Family

December 15
Black Ink Crew New York: Seasons 3-4
Challenge: Season 12
Challenge: Season 25
Elite Short Stories: Philippe Cay Felipe – Netflix Series
The Hand of God — Netflix Film
Masha and the Bear: Nursery Rhymes: Season 1 Part 2
Masha and the Bear: Season 5
Selling Tampa — Netflix Series
Teen Mom 2: Seasons 3-4

December 16
A California Christmas: City Lights – Netflix Movie
A Naija Christmas – Netflix Movie
Egretsuko: Season 4 – Netflix Anime
dark hour
Puff: Wonders of the Reef – Netflix Documentary

December 17
Fast and Furious Spy Racers: Season 6: Homecoming
The Witcher: Season 2

December 18
Bulgasi: Immortal Souls – Netflix Series
old boy

December 19
What Happened in Oslo – Netflix Series

December 20
Elite Short Stories: Samuel Omar – Netflix Series

December 21
Jim Gaffigan: Comedy Monster – Netflix Comedy
Grumpy Christmas – Netflix Movie

December 22
Emily in Paris: Season 2 – Netflix Series

December 23
Elite Short Stories: Patrick – Netflix Series

December 24
1000 Miles From Christmas — Netflix Movie
Don’t Watch – Netflix Movie
Minnal Murali – Netflix film
The Silent Sea – Netflix Series
Stand By Me Doraemon 2 — Netflix Film
Vicky and Her Mystery – Netflix Movie
Zach Stone is about to become famous

December 25
Single’s Inferno – Netflix Series
Jimmy Carr: His Dark Materials – Netflix Comedy
Stories of a Generation – With Pope Francis – Netflix Documentary

December 26
Lully – Netflix Movie

December 28
World Party Presents: Math! — Netflix Family

December 29
Curious People – Netflix Series
Crime Scene: The Times Square Killer – Netflix Documentary

December 30
Kitz – Netflix Series
Hilda and the Mountain King – Netflix Series

December 31
Cobra Kai: Season 4 – Netflix Series

The Lost Daughter – Netflix movie
Queer Eye: Season 6 – Netflix Series
Stay Close — Netflix Series
Seal Team – Netflix Movie

what’s going on in december

December 3
The Last OG: Seasons 1-2

December 4

December 7
before I fall

December 8
it comes at night
Mariah Carey’s Most Wonderful Christmas

December 13
Halt and Catch Fire: Seasons 1-4

December 14
Fifty: The Series: Seasons 1-2
Saint Seiya: Seasons 1-6

December 15
Lee Daniels ‘The Butler’
map to the stars
theory of everything

December 21
Jacob’s Ladder
Private Practice: Seasons 1-6

December 25
captain brilliant

December 30

December 31
a Cinderella Story
American Gangster
Beethoven’s second
Charlie’s Angel
cold Mountain
the devil inside
do the right thing
Don’t be a threat to South Central while drinking your juice in the hood
double jeopardy
Forensic Files: Collections 1-9
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood: Parts 1-5
Fullmetal Alchemist: Season 1
Evil spirit
the Gladiator


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