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The emergence of the highly mutated Omicron version of the coronavirus has raised concerns that existing vaccines may be less effective and could spark a new vaccine race to develop shots to target the strain – here’s how most widely used in the US How manufacturers plan to target vaccines used from the following types:

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johnson and johnson said It has begun work on an Omicron-specific vaccine and is testing the blood serum of people participating in its booster trials to see if it can neutralize the variant though Mathai Maimen, who is a J. -Kashmir’s head of research and development at the vaccine division, Jensen, said the company is “convinced” in the strong immune responses that the vaccine has shown in clinical studies against other forms.

Moderna Chief Executive Stephen Bancellu said It could take months for CNBC to send an Omicron-specific vaccine – Moderna President Stephen Hoega said The company is already working on a booster and multiple-variant vaccine targeting Omicron — and the idea of ​​using higher doses of an existing vaccine depends on how much efficacy has fallen.

Bansel warned of a “material drop” in vaccine efficacy due to mutations in the high number of oomicrons on the virus’s spike protein, which most vaccines use to train the immune system, according to one Interview with him financial Times.

BioNtech chief Ugur Sahin is more optimistic Its vaccine, developed with Pfizer, will still provide a high level of protection against serious disease, but there is hope that the version may be able to infect fully vaccinated people.

Sahini said Booster shots of existing vaccines should increase this protection and could help prevent infection with Omicron, although he acknowledged that a modified vaccine may be needed and said the company may be sending one around. 100 days, if needed.

AstraZeneca is also check of Will Omicron have an impact on the University of Oxford, co-developer of its vaccine and shot, said The jab has consistently provided “a very high level of protection against serious disease” against new forms emerging over the past year and “there is no evidence so far that Omicron is any different.”

Novavax, which is producing a protein-based shot based on an older type of vaccine technology, said It is evaluating whether its shot works against Omicron and has taken steps to allow it to begin commercial production of an Omicron-specific jab as early as January.

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