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Ahead of February’s Beijing Winter Olympics, reports of a US-coordinated diplomatic boycott to which countries will send competing athletes, but not government officials, allegations of human rights violations against the host country are mounting.

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President Joe Biden said Last week when the US was considering a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Games, it prompted allies to do so in a coordinated action.

Australia is considering a diplomatic boycott of the upcoming Olympics, but is “awaiting the decision of the Biden administration” at first. Sydney Morning Herald informed of Australia time on Thursday morning.

A Canadian official told CTV News on Saturday that the Canadian government was discussing whether it would boycott with its “closest allies”.

United Kingdom made “No Judgment” on possible exclusion.

Gabrielus Landsbergis, Foreign Minister of Lithuania, Called Calling for “some level of coordination” between EU member states and the “transatlantic” and saying he does not believe any diplomats are “eager to go” to the Olympics, and questioned whether the Chinese government would allow some officials ” will accept”.

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