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The announcement of a new liberal arts institution called the University of Austin, which bills itself as anti-censorship and “dedicated to the fearless pursuit of truth,” was met with a polarizing response on Monday, with critics calling it a sham. Slogan. There are claims of right-wing censorship despite having some academically prominent supporters – here’s what we know so far.

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university was built announced Monday morning in Bari Weis’s Substack newsletter, a former new York Times Columnist known for railing against “cancel culture” and claims that there is censorship in journalism and other public forums.

on that Website, the proposed university lists 31 members of its “board of advisors,” which is full of critics of the state of higher education in the US, including Lawrence Summers, a former Harvard University president, and Brown University economist Glen Lowry, a Right-wing circles have become favorites to criticize the “awakening”.

Palantir Technologies co-founder Joe Lonsdale, who last month reprimanded Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg for taking a long paternity leave, is one of financial According to the Daily Beast, supporters of the university through a non-profit called Cicero Research.

The university is not yet accredited and does not confer degrees, but it plans to introduce its first course in the summer, called “Prohibited Courses”, which it claims are “the most provocative questions about A spirited discussion that often leads to censorship or self-censorship in many universities.”

It plans to launch a graduate program in entrepreneurship and leadership in 2022, adding additional graduate programs in politics and applied history, along with education and public service, in addition to graduate programs in 2024, according to a timeline on the university’s website. Used to be.

The university says it is “in the process of acquiring land” for a physical campus in Austin, adding its classes will be “almost exclusively in-person.”

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