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While record numbers of Covid-19 cases are being reported in the US and around the world, a handful of cities, states and countries are indicating that the number of infections may be at or near a peak.

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In the UK, the seven-day average of new Covid cases dropped to 138,268 on Monday, the most recent day of data available, from a high of 183,084 on 2 January, according to the country’s Covid-19 tracking. Website,

Researchers from Biobot, a company that tracks viral loads in wastewater, in Boston Reported That the city has “passed its omicron peak”, nearly a month after the variant was first detected in waste from the region, although hospitalizations are high, and cases are far from the previous Covid-19 surge. Haven’t come down.

The seven-day average of new cases in Texas fell to 49,830 on Tuesday, slightly lower than Saturday’s high of 53,116. statistics From the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—but modeler from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Wednesday’s Predictions That the state will reach its peak of new infections before the end of the month.

According to the CDC, the seven-day average of new cases in New York City has held steady over the past two weeks: It was 36,560 on Tuesday, down slightly from 39,666 on January 2.

New Jersey seems to have plateaued, too: According to the CDC, the seven-day average of new cases on Tuesday was 31,098, up slightly from 30,912 on Jan.


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