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White House economic adviser Heather Bouche said on Tuesday she is “optimistic” the US economy will not fall into recession, joining a group of Biden administration officials who pushed back against the contention that an economic recession was inevitable. Is.

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Speaking at an event organized by Washington Postbushe Told He believes there would be no such scenario “that would lead to the scars of the kinds of American families that we really don’t want to see.”

Boushey pointed to the country’s low unemployment rate, strong domestic balance sheet and strength in the face of the pandemic as reasons behind his optimism.

in one Interview On Sunday, President Joe Biden insisted that the recession was not “inevitable”, while also pointing to the country’s low unemployment numbers and urged people not to believe “warnings” about an impending recession.

The president also expressed confidence that the US is in a stronger position than any other country to deal with high inflation – an issue that he said every other major industrialized country in the world is also dealing with.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen reiterated the views of Biden, who said a recession is not “absolutely inevitable” but acknowledged the economy will slow.

in fox news InterviewBrian Dees, director of the National Economic Council, also made reference to strong job numbers and pushed back against recession predictions, saying the labor market has “a lot of strength” and policymakers “unparalleled strength in the US economy”. can build on. ,