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Supply chain issues affecting everything from the price of bacon to wood inventories during the coronavirus pandemic can now hit your local liquor store, as reports There is a shortage of alcohol all over the country–why is it so.

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Problems at almost every stage of the supply chain seem to be affecting the liquor business, with demand showing no signs of slowing down.

The problems start with the packaging—the US is facing a shortage of both glass And aluminum cans, which make up most of the containers that hold alcoholic beverages.

When it comes to delivery, truck driver shortages have slowed shipping for wine and many other American products, which has become so bad that American companies are trying to rental Foreign workers to fill the staffing gap.

Generalized labor shortages in the US workforce aren’t helping either, causing problems from production lines to retail stores.

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Two states where the government directly owns liquor stores, Pennsylvania and Virginia, have imposed quotas for certain brands of how much a customer can buy at one time, mainly for popular whiskeys and bourbons. of Virginia List The number of banned items limits customers to just one bottle per day, while Pennsylvania allows for For two bottles per day.

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Retail alcohol sales began to rise since the lockdown came into force in March 2020, as Americans were forced to drink at home instead of going to restaurants or bars. Retail liquor sales grew 20% during 2020, including a 26.7% jump in hard liquor sales. Despite the reopening of most bars and restaurants across the country, there is no sign of a decline in demand during 2021. Indeed, Buffalo Trace Distillery Claimed A recent news release stated that the company is “producing and shipping record quantities of the product,” but that clearly isn’t enough to keep up with demand. Its bourbon is listed as a rationed product in both Pennsylvania and Virginia.

what we don’t know

It is not yet clear how long the shortage could last.

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