High stakes House infrastructure vote still on schedule for Thursday, Pelosi says

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  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the House is still on track to vote Thursday on President Joe Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure bill.
  • But members of his own Democratic caucus said he had not yet received enough progressives’ support to pass the bill.
  • The House Progressives want the Senate to agree to a $3 trillion budget bill, and they are concerned that if they vote to pass the infrastructure bill championed by the moderates, they may be forced to roll back their budget bill. To convince the moderates to lose any advantage.
  • Around midday, centrist Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin issued a signed agreement with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer in July, setting his maximum topline spending to $1.5 trillion.

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WASHINGTON – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the House was still on track to vote Thursday on a bipartisan infrastructure bill, even as members of her own Democratic caucus said she had yet to pass the bill. has not received enough progressive support.

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“We are well on our way to achieving something that I can say with honesty and certainty to my colleagues,” Pelosi told reporters. But she added, “And in terms of time and rest, I wish we had more time.”

Pelosi and President Joe Biden have tried to win support for the infrastructure bill among progressives, who say they will not vote for it unless the House proposes a comprehensive budget to expand the social safety net and climate policy. Don’t be ready to pass a conciliation bill.

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But the fundamental parts of that bill are still being debated in the Senate. House Progressives are concerned that if they vote to pass an infrastructure bill backed by Moderates, they may lose any advantage in pushing these same Moderates to withdraw a transformative budget bill later. Will give

Progressives insist that any budget reconciliation bill be at least $3 trillion, and include free pre-school and community colleges, child care subsidies and the expansion of Medicare to cover dental, vision and hearing care. provisions such as

But on Thursday, centrist Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, more than two months earlier, released a deal signed with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer in July that outlines what Manchin will support in the budget bill.

ManChain will vote for a maximum topline spend of $1.5 trillion.

That leaves both House and Senate progressives and Manchin more than $1 trillion aside.

Even some of Pelosi’s closest aides in the House leadership are pessimistic about the prospects for a bipartisan infrastructure bill.

While Pelosi was speaking to reporters at the Capitol, another journalist asked her deputy Majority Leader Steny Hoyer what she thought was difficult.

“Do you believe this will pass?”

“No,” replied Hoyer.

Many on Capitol Hill are still betting that Pelosi can scuttle the vote, though. Her ability to find consensus within the often volatile Democratic caucus is legendary, and she appeared to be enjoying the high stakes and the ticking clock on Thursday.

“As we come to the end, let me tell you about the conversation at the end,” she told reporters. “That’s when you really have to weigh in. You can’t get tired. You can’t accept. That’s the fun part.”

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