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Hollywood crew members at the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) voted low on Monday to approve union contracts with film and television producers, the last step to avert a labor strike that could be in place after union leaders reached a deal. The latter would shut down film and television production across the country. last month.

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IATSE Member voted To ratify two contracts with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), an original agreement covering unionized locals in Hollywood itself and an Area Standards Agreement for union workers outside Los Angeles.

The vote was carried out through an electoral college-style system in which the delegates voted on behalf of the individual union locals, and the final representative vote saw 56% in favor and 44% against the covenants.

The popular vote of individual union members was very low, with 50.3% voting in favor of both contracts and 49.7% voting numbers.

The new three-year contracts included provisions the union had negotiated for wage increases – especially for lower-level workers – and guarantees for adequate rest periods and meal breaks, providing financial support for producers. With penalties for those who do not comply.

While union leaders pushed members to support the contract, many IATSE members were against for this and said The contract did not go far enough to improve working conditions, making it uncertain that the vote would pass.

If union members had voted against the contract, it would have forced IATSE leaders to return to the bargaining table with AMPTP, and a strike could have taken place if no other agreement could be reached.

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