Home Sweet Home: Reasons To Love Restoration Hardware

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The consumer cyclical sector is a subject of attraction at such times and the results companies have reported over the past 24 months give a lot to that picture. So, let’s take a look at home decor, but not just any home furnishings. Let’s take a look at none other than the restoration hardware.

With its high-end furnishings and design and mission to provide “an exceptionally well-traded world of high quality textiles, furniture, lighting, bath ware, hardware and entertainment”, Restoration Hardware sets itself apart from the pack. Is. And despite the odds, it looks like this year has been a good one for the company.

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Earlier in the month on December 9, Restoration Hardware reported strong third quarter 2021 earnings per share, a revenue beat (consensus at $7.03 versus $6.59), and 19 in sales of $1.01 billion in sales. % increase was included. on callGary Friedman, President and CEO, outlined the company’s spirited journey.

About plans delayed due to COVID-19 complications, he said, “We refused to shelter and shrink, not let our culture be shaped by stay-at-home orders or collaborations to turn into isolation by Zoom calls Gave. None of Team RH’s leaders made their summer home, their permanent home. There was no debate if we would return to work, only a discussion of when we might. We waste no time in allowing ourselves to be victims of the present reality. We chose to be visionaries, destroying today’s reality to create tomorrow’s future.”

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Friedman continued, “We used our time to rethink and redo ourselves once again. We said this should be remembered as the time when Restoration Hardware took the time we saw off our industry.” The biggest display of innovation is why we refer to 2022 as the New Year and will include the following: Launch of the RH Contemporary, the most meaningful new product launch in our history, including a 500-plus page source book, a freestanding RH Contemporary Gallery included a dedicated website and a national advertising campaign.”

While consumer enthusiasm and a dedicated upper management team are part of the story, analyst sentiment rounds out the package where the company is concerned. His enthusiasm for restoration hardware was evident in his updated notes. Here are a few suggestions from the report that detract from the following earnings:

1. The high-end Nest feathering game is strong.

In the last few months, many consumers have done some kind of work in their homes. Restoration Hardware has also capitalized on this trend with its high-end offerings. On December 9, CFRA analyst Kenneth Lyons updated the sentiment, writing, “We think the home lifestyle is a multi-year secular trend whereby families want to spend more time at home, working and playing. Restoration Hardware has an impressive brand and merchandise offering that can be expanded and increased profitability unlike other home goods retailers.

2. The novelty factor.

With many obstacles behind it, Restoration Hardware is ready to unleash its new offerings and those from Cowen & Co.
As Max Rakhlenko sums it up, the company is “ready to introduce significant innovation in products, stores, digital and lifestyle next year.”

He continued, “From a time perspective, Restoration Hardware plans to launch contemporary in late spring, followed by new products in interiors and modern in late spring or early summer. We expect contemporary will get its own sourcebook, and looks like other collections are likely to get a book as well. Additionally, Restoration Hardware will launch the first phase of its new digital platform, and will be rolling out to RH1, RH2, and RH3 during the same period. In addition, management plans to launch RH England in late spring to early summer depending on weather conditions. Additionally, management plans to launch RH In-Your-Home in the near term Made, and we think may offer a second sourcebook in the fall.

3. Patient Customer Tick it.

If patience is a virtue, sign up for Restoration Hardware enthusiasts. Christina Fernandez of Telsi Advisory Group noted that customers found the delay in receiving their goods to be still worth the extra waiting time. “While Restoration Hardware has been delayed in bringing products (particularly from Vietnam, which accounts for 27% of imports), its consumers are willing to wait, and Restoration Hardware has been able to forgo pricing to offset the incremental freight costs. able,” she writes.

In the most recent spending analysis, I noted that November was strong in the home goods category, according to the Census Bureau. Restoration Hardware’s results and enthusiasm absolutely solidify that report


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