House strikes deal to avoid a government shutdown one day before deadline

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  • The House reached an agreement on a temporary government funding bill ahead of Friday’s deadline to avoid the government shutdown.
  • The House can vote on the law as soon as Thursday.
  • The bill could face issues in the Senate, where a handful of Republicans are pushing private employers to include language to block the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate.

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The House reached an agreement on Thursday on a short-term government funding bill that would halt the shutdown before the Friday deadline.

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Rosa Delaro, D-Conn, chair of the House Appropriations Committee, said in a statement the measure would fund the government at current levels until February 18. The House is likely to vote on the law on Thursday.

Both houses of Congress need to pass a spending bill by Friday to stop the funding lapse. An extended shutdown could result in the furlough of federal employees and the suspension of some government services.

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If the House approves the bill on Thursday, the Senate could still cause problems as lawmakers rush to avoid a crisis. Any senator has the ability to prevent the speedy passage of a bill.

A handful of Republicans, led by Utah Sen. Mike Lee, have pushed for language to be included in the bill that would bar the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate on private employers. This effort could delay approval of the funding bill and at least lead to a temporary shutdown.

It is unclear whether Senate leaders can reach an agreement that would allow for an accelerated vote on the spending bill.

This story is developing. Please check back for updates.

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