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Houston Police Chief Troy Finner on Wednesday hit back at an earlier statement that a security guard at the Astroworld festival was stabbed in the neck with a needle — a claim he made to the press this morning when Friday night’s concert Eight people died in the midst of the crowd. and questions about proper security and police presence at the event.

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Finer said he traced the security guard in question, who said he hadn’t been pricked or injected, but had suffered a head injury — a contrast to what Finer reported on Saturday morning, when he said police were not involved in a stranger’s death. Investigating for the possibility of a sore throat. With drugs after needing to revive a guard with the drug overdose antidote Narkan.

Finer said Wednesday that guards told investigators he fainted from the strike near his head and woke up in a medical tent.

Finer said he did not have exact numbers on how many security guards Live Nation were at the event, and that it would be part of an investigation.

Finer said artist Travis Scott and the production had “the final authority” to end the show if they felt something was wrong.

Finer placed the blame for the incident on the city of Houston, saying that the city did not approve of the event, and that it was a Harris County-sanctioned incident.

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