How an Office Move Can Help a Staffing Shortage startup magazine

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If you’ve recently discovered that your business is struggling to fill vacancies, rest assured that you’re definitely not the only business owner in this situation. The staffing shortage has worsened since the pandemic, and can obviously be attributed to a number of factors.

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According to a policy brief conducted by ReWAGE and the Migration Observatory at Oxford University, Brexit has “negatively affected” the labor market.

Nevertheless, People Management cited the report as acknowledging that Brexit was “by no means the sole cause of the shortage” – with other factors including “the pandemic, international sector-specific labor shortages, and an increase in early retirement”. included, cited as more important.

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ReWAGE expert and report co-author Professor Chris Ford notes that the current UK labor shortage has complex causes. However, he added that “many other countries have experienced high vacancy rates” following the pandemic.

If Your Business Is Struggling With Staff Shortage, Here’s How Office Relocation Can Help

Ultimately, recruitment difficulties are not unique to the UK in the wake of the COVID crisis – but, if your UK-based business is experiencing such struggles, what can you do to alleviate them? Surprising or not, orchestrating a change of office space for your company can be beneficial to you.

Does Your Business Really Need to Relocate?

Relocating a business may seem particularly daunting to you – and it is true that there are a number of alternative techniques you can try first in an attempt to make a moderate impact on your recruiting problems.

In the above-mentioned policy brief report, it was said that businesses once dependent on EU workers had switched to “reducing their need for workers by turning to automation or simply producing less”. Meanwhile, workers in industries such as agriculture have turned to non-EU workers.

However, if you’re convinced that your business truly needs workers that appear to be scarce in your particular geographic area, then looking for a new workplace for your company may seem like a compelling option.

How can your firm benefit from moving to a bigger city?

There are some advantages to setting up a business in a small town. For starters, the fewer people in a place, the fewer businesses there are necessarily. As a result, your own company can more easily dominate the local market. Even smaller areas can have more of a community feel.

However, if it’s specifically a staff shortage you’re trying to deal with, a larger city may be the way to go. AllBusiness states that “large cities have deep talent pools” – and the site claims that there are two factors behind this.

One is that “a larger population means more people are looking for jobs”; The second is that “large cities usually have several universities nearby”. These can act as ‘candidate factories’, providing local businesses with talented workers.

For example, let’s say you rent and move your business into a serviced office in central London. Many graduates of London universities may be interested in applying for job positions that have been lying vacant in your organization for a long time.

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