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How can employers fill open positions? Knowing what matters most to today’s job seekers Career Climbers / 6 October 2022

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According to a recent survey by staffing giant PeopleReady, a TrueBlue company, the uncertain economic environment has created an irresistible disconnect in the job market. A survey of more than 700 job seekers and more than 500 hiring managers nationwide reveals some of the current challenges in the labor market, as well as how employers can attract more job applicants. .

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Even with a record number of job openings in the US, many job seekers say they are struggling with their job search. More than half (54%) of job seekers surveyed said that finding a job to their liking has been “difficult” or “extremely difficult”. Meanwhile, the top reasons people were looking for a new job included flexibility (44%), higher pay (39%) and job satisfaction (26%).

The survey results also showed a strong interest among job seekers in additional training and career development opportunities. When asked what they hope to achieve from their next role, respondents reported opportunities for advancement (27%), helping to impact people’s lives (25%) and learning new skills (23%). was most interested in.

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Meanwhile, hiring managers have reported continued difficulty filling roles, with 55% of those surveyed saying a lack of qualified candidates is their top challenge. As a result, many companies had to scale down their operations or reduce their hours or services. Twenty-nine percent of the respondents said that their business has been affected by labor shortage.

“Having too many open positions often has hugely negative consequences for businesses — including additional overtime costs, lower productivity and higher employee turnover,” said Taryn Owen, President and COO of TrueBlue. “Employers navigating this unpredictable climate need to explore different ways to reach potential candidates. Temporary staffing jobs, especially when combined with technology like mobile apps, help employers keep their open roles open while giving job seekers more flexible options and the opportunity to develop new skills. ,

The use of temporary workers has become a common method for employers who need to supplement their workforce. In the survey, 63% of hiring managers say that temporary workers have been a “significant” or “extremely important” part of their workforce during the past year. Technology has been the key to reaching these candidates: 87 percent of hiring managers who use staffing apps say their use has increased.

PeopleReady has seen increasing use of its mobile app, Jobstack, by both businesses and job seekers – the app has nearly 30,000 active customers and over 1 million downloads by job seekers. Staffing company has a variety of ways for job seekers to access job opportunities through app (jobstack) and online (

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