How Experian is pushing for more diversity in the data industry

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It is important for organizations to create an inclusive environment where people feel welcome and have the opportunity to be themselves. This approach allows businesses to use many different points of view and ideas based on a variety of experiences and experiences of people. In addition, it promotes dynamism and adaptability, enabling companies to succeed in an ever-changing environment.

However, the reality is that the corporate world has often been too slow to prioritize diversity and unwilling to take responsibility for how they hire, train and promote their workforce. This has often resulted in significant demographic differences in certain sectors that are stereotypically associated with a particular section of society.

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This is especially true for the data industry. Data science is changing the way the world works, but it’s no secret that there are currently not enough women or other diverse groups that choose this career path.

In fact, according to a recent study by Experian, only one-fifth of women studying at the graduate level are currently thinking about a career in data. The majority of female students seem to be pushed back because they don’t think they have the right skill set, with nearly half (48%) suggesting they ruled out the career because of their insecurities in science or math.

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We at Experian would love to see this change and are incredibly proud of the steps we have taken to address this issue over the years.

For example, to raise awareness of the opportunities available to students of all backgrounds, Experian recently partnered with The Data Inspiration Group to support Digdata Initiative, a small virtual test program to gain work experience, live online career panels, and learning resources. Digdata is intended for all students in secondary and tertiary education, as well as for educators and career leaders.

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As data teams increase their role and influence, the skills needed to succeed go beyond numeracy. Data-driven careers require creative problem solvers, inquisitive thinkers, and good communicators—skills that can be carried over from all curriculum subjects and that are relevant to multiple industry sectors.

We also worked in partnership with Code First Girls, an initiative that teaches women to code for free and develops women’s tech talent. We have sponsored and delivered four coding courses for 180 women and placed 10 women on the CFG Nanodegree program leading to full-time employment.

In addition, we recruited over 100 graduates, interns and students through our Early Careers program in 2022, where women make up 54% of data-related positions.

These new hires, as well as the wider female workforce, have access to a range of exciting career opportunities, including a women-only development program called Acceleration and the 30% Club, which provides both mentors and mentees. to help boost them. representation of women in business.

All of this is underpinned by the incredible work being done by the Women in Experian Resource Group (ERG), which is constantly driving change and awareness at Experian, raising standards for all.

We strive to have a workforce that is as diverse as the people who use our services and that’s one of the many reasons why we’re so excited. Mission E2E “Woman 100”. Together we want to empower and encourage women to reach their true potential by inspiring, educating and supporting the next generation who can help shape the future.

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