How to be a CEO podcast: Babbel CEO Arne Schepker on building work culture

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Arne Schepker has been CEO of language learning business Babbel since 2015.

We discuss why AI is ‘overrated’, how app-based learning can outperform traditional classrooms, and how to build the best modern-day work culture.

Also in this episode:

  • What has kept you at Babel for over 7 years?
  • Will app learning eventually take over face-to-face classes?
  • Why artificial intelligence is ‘grossly overrated and overused’
  • Why You Don’t Need Beanbags and Ping Pong Tables to Build a Strong Work Culture
  • Babbel’s plan to learn a language ‘ecosystem’
  • Arne’s message to entrepreneurs: “Please solve real user problems”
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