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UI/UX Designer

Before the development process begins, UI/UX designers start working on project wireframes and mockups. The main goal of designers is to turn your vision into a set of user-friendly interfaces and wrap them in an attractive design that highlights your brand identity.

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Designers not only care about each and every user interface, but also about all the visual and functional aspects like buttons, loaders, icons, color palette, etc. They do target audience research, user persona development, prototyping, and more.

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Since design is less important than software functionality, it is important to select highly experienced UI/UX experts who know all the latest trends and can implement best design practices.

software engineer

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Software developers write code, perform all necessary integrations with APIs and third-party services, implement all technologies and features and resolve all technology-related issues that emerge during SDLC. For all solutions you need multiple types of software engineers – frontend and backend developers, technical leads, and sometimes even software architects.

The software architect is responsible for designing the solution architecture, selecting the necessary tools and platforms, setting all standards and requirements for the code.

You don’t need to hire expensive senior engineers just to create a feature-rich and functional solution, as the middle ones can do the job perfectly. Software development companies have developers of varying seniority and experience, so they will recommend experts who will be the perfect fit for your project.

Both backend and frontend developers work on a project to ensure its usability, functionality and performance. The frontend team typically works with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Vue, and Angular. As a backend team, they are proficient in using PHP, Node.js, various databases, APIs, microservices and specific algorithms.

quality assurance engineer

Quality assurance matters a lot, especially if you design solutions for business. And quality assurance engineers help ensure that the app has no bugs, no security holes, no technology and performance issues. Usually QA do manual and automated testing in early stages to detect all kinds of issues and fix them faster.

Testing specialists build various cases, protocols and scenarios, check whether features meet all functional and non-functional requirements specified in the documentation, and they also contribute to improving development practices. There are many types of testing that QA engineers perform and among them you can see unit testing, integration testing, system testing etc.

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