How to buy Apecoin

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Bored of digital art collectibles from the Ape Yacht Club NFT event or procedurally generated and traded for thousands of dollars, Apcoin is a cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Different NFTThe value of which can vary from one minute to the next, a single epcoin has the same value as any other epcoin and can be traded on a crypto exchange such as bitcoin or other altcoins.

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Like many cryptocurrencies, the value of Epcoin has moved up and down since its launch this year. The volatility of cryptocurrency assets has caused the UK financial regulator the Financial Conduct Authority to[FCA]has prompted the U.S. to issue repeated warnings to potential investors.

If you are aware of the risks and are still interested in Apcoin, here is how to buy one of the latest crypto assets on the block.

choose an exchange

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To buy Apcoin, you will need a crypto exchange to swap your fiat currency (Sterling) for cryptocurrency. An exchange is a platform, either a website or an app, that allows traders to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

Popular exchanges include Coinbase and Binance, but there are smaller, lesser-known exchanges such as Bitstamp. Here are some things to consider when choosing an exchange:

  • Payment Methods: Most banks accept transfer, credit and debit cards. Some accept PayPal. Check that your preferred payment method is accepted.
  • Payment Fees: Some exchanges charge fees on certain payment methods. For example, if debit and credit card payments are allowed by your card issuer, there is typically a fee of 3.99%.
  • Crypto Wallet: Some exchanges offer a secure crypto wallet in which to store your Apcoins
  • Withdrawals: Not all exchanges allow you to transfer your assets to an external wallet, and those that do may charge fees.
  • Number of currencies: Some exchanges allow you to trade in more coins than others. Make sure the exchange you are using has Appcoin.

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Choose payment method

How you pay for your Apcoin will affect how much you pay, as some exchanges charge fees on certain payment methods.

Payment by debit and credit cards typically incurs a fee of around 3.99%. The latter are also treated as cash advances by card issuers – meaning they are subject to higher interest rates than standard purchases. The more fees you pay, the less you will have to spend on Apcoin.

Some exchanges allow UK customers to pay using PayPal, and those that do charge a fee for the privilege.

place and order

When you have selected an exchange and payment method, navigate to the Apcoin page within the app or website and type in the amount you wish to invest.

choose storage method

Many exchanges offer an integrated wallet to store your cryptocurrencies, but you may want to keep your Apcoins in a third party wallet.

You can keep your crypto online or in a ‘hot’ wallet, or offline ‘cold’ storage device such as a hard drive. Cold wallets are more secure than hot wallets as they are less vulnerable to hackers. However, if you have lost your access code to your hot wallet, the exchange can help you access your Apcoins. Lose your access code in a cold wallet, however, and you’re on your own.

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