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In early 2022, the travel restrictions were lifted. After nearly two years of limited travel, going on a holiday abroad just got easier. Since then, a record number of vacationers have taken a summer break. As a result, UK airports have seen an increase in passenger numbers.

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While summer is behind us, there are plenty of autumn adventures and winter escapes available. Here are some ways to get there on a budget if you’re planning a trip.

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save on your flight

Depending on your destination, your flight can take up a significant portion of your budget. Shop around for deals, as you’ll find that different airlines are cheaper. Similarly, traveling at inconsistent hours can be more cost-effective.

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Another option is to use a VPN for your Apple device or another device. A VPN hides your IP address and encrypts all of your information, allowing you to be more secure and private in your online activities. Furthermore, with a VPN, you can keep your browsing activity anonymous. This means booking sites can’t track your data and can’t raise prices if you fall back on your search. A VPN also hides your location, allowing you to access flights that may not be available in your area.

book ahead

Booking early can save you money for everything from train travel to airport accommodation arrangements. For example, as hotels fill up, there is more demand for the remaining rooms. It drives up the price of those last few rooms. Similarly, if you book transportation in advance of your trip, you are responsible for things like airport transfers even before you get off the plane.

consider the time of year

Another advantage of planning is that you can bargain. Discounts are often available if you plan to travel outside of peak season. For example, if you are visiting Europe in July and August, you are likely to pay more for your trip than in October or November.

As well as increasing prices in the summer months, you will find that seasonal events are more expensive. This makes sense if you are visiting Lapland in December for the Christmas break. But if you crave log cabins during the festive season, look for places off the beaten track to get better prices.

stick to your budget

You may have a budget before you leave for your vacation. Maybe you’re determined to stick to it. But the reality is that it’s easy to get too carried away by the thrill of being away from home. Vacation expenses start to seem like it “doesn’t count.”

Try to create a daily budget to avoid overspending once you reach your destination. It’s easy to stick to something if you write it down! Make room for essential things like outings and outings in this financial plan. By planning activities, you will know how much you are willing and able to spend on that snorkeling session, for example.

go local

You can feel most comfortable visiting tourist places. But seeing where locals go to eat, drink and shop can help you cut costs. Popular tourist areas are likely to be more expensive – and perhaps nowhere near as satisfactory. Embrace the culture, enjoy an authentic experience and save money while you are there.

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