Innovation Radar Prize 2022: Vote for Startups and Innovators

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The Innovation Radar Awards 2022 aims to recognize innovations and innovators with high potential. Image credit:

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Ever wonder what the voting system used by the Eurovision contest can do for startups? This year’s victory for the Kalash Orchestra from Ukraine shows that such a system could be a game changer for startups on the leading edge of innovation. While there is no Eurovision startup competition,’s Innovation Radar Award comes very close to completing it. You can vote for the Innovation Radar Award here.

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One of the biggest challenges faced by startups and innovators is finding relevant investors. Launched by the European Commission, discovers and supports the most promising EU-funded innovators. It serves as a vessel for these innovators to find relevant investors and corporations.

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With access to key innovations assessed by the EU Innovation Radar Committee and the ability to find potential at scale, plays a key role in the development of EU-funded startups. It also organizes a number of events and competitions such as the Innovation Radar Award to help innovators secure the funding they need for future commercialization.

Innovation Radar Awards: What you need to know

Innovation Radar is an initiative of the European Commission that aims to identify high potential innovations and innovators in research and innovation projects funded by the European Union. Innovation Radar aims to allow every citizen, public official, professional and businessman to discover the output of EU innovation funding.

The initiative also provides an opportunity for businesses to seek innovators who can follow in the footsteps of companies such as Skype, TomTom and ARM Holdings, all of which received EU funding in their early days.

As in previous years, the Innovation Radar Award is providing the public with the opportunity to assist the jury in discovering the best innovation of 2022. The public will be able to support the best innovation of 2022 in three different categories:

Disruptive Health Inspired by Purpose and GreenKickstarter Innovation Radar Award: Voting ProcessInnovation Radar Prize 2022The winners of the Innovation Radar Prize 2022 will be announced on 15 November. Image credit:

Voting for the Innovation Radar Award is now open and will end on October 21. In addition to the jury, the public will also have the opportunity to vote for the Innovation Radar Prize. You can vote for the most innovative startups in the above categories by clicking here and each individual must submit 1 vote per category.

Results will be considered by a jury to select 12 Innovation Radar Award finalists. Finalists will present their innovations at an event on November 15th, and you can sign up for the event here.

Disruptive health: a look at key innovators

The pandemic has taught us that technology can completely change our lives in terms of diagnosis and healthcare. This year’s Innovation Radar Awards category for Disruptive Health symbolically showcases how the healthcare industry is not only embracing technology but also innovating in the space.

From the likes of BioPix-T to offering an affordable portable (point-of-care) molecular diagnostic tool for the detection of pathogens and mutations in human health care, Bitsense’s award-winning interface and focus on lifestyle and health care apps with up to product development. There is innovation everywhere.

There’s also Cheri Biotech, which is building an alternative to animal experiments with a platform to better predict the effects of a drug on the human body, while Communicare Solutions is changing how we view or define innovative patient support solutions. We do. With its 3D simulation platform, which allows cardiologists to simulate heart surgery before the actual surgery, Belgian startup FEOPS is sure to win your heart.

Poland-based Genometek is offering a unique mobile genetic diagnostics platform, while Innovation Sprint is pioneering software as a medical device solution. Medxprime, Envision Imaging Technologies, Presilia, and Nadir Plasma & Polymers can be called prime examples of how the technology is addressing common pain points such as the lack of streamlined medical data and even quantum technology. bring to the fore.

You can vote for your favorite startup in the disruptive health category by clicking here.

Purpose Driven and Green: A Look at Key Innovators

In the purpose-driven and green category, we are looking at how greentech can address modern day concerns such as the impact of climate change on food production and increasing demand for food with increasing population.

Portugal-based ALGAplus is demonstrating a form of farming that recreates what happens naturally in an ecosystem, while Dutch startup Biota creates high-value, organic fertilizers made from plant waste streams, essentially Turns waste streams into a valuable resource.
German startup CNM Technologies is addressing the demanding need for water separation processes with its composite membranes.

French startup Green Communications is enabling shortcuts in the data transport path to reduce the carbon footprint of digital services. Germany’s INOQ develops plant-beneficial microbial biostimulants to support sustainable agriculture, while ObjectBox is an edge database and data sync solution that stores and synchronizes data in and around edge equipment.

To more efficiently plan and operate hydrogen infrastructures (TedHE), France’s Percy is developing Decision Support software, while Povidian provides a clean way to produce electricity for non-connected applications. For heavy mobility is reusing the heavy duty cells that come from it. This year, we see the likes of R3 GIS from Italy and Svelte from Romania helping us create cutting-edge solutions for efficiently managing spaces and building machines and topologically optimized construction elements.

You can vote for your favorite startup in the Purpose-Driven and Green category by clicking here.

Kickstarter: A Look at the Major Innovators

The Kickstarter category presents all innovations that have originated in the context of the Academy and other research projects. Within this category, the University of Porto is introducing a catalytic low temperature (500-650ºC) methane decomposition reactor and catalyst as part of its 112CO2 innovation. Spain’s Vicomtech is proposing to build an efficient scalable semi-automatic data platform to address the lack of software tools in the automotive industry.

CIPROS Innovations is a software tool from the University of Cyprus that enables the combined utility of smart and flexible distribution systems monitoring, operation and investment planning. ABzero is offering an autonomous multimodal system for the delivery of blood through a smart capsule.

University of Novi Sad Faculty of Sciences (UNSPMF), with Research
The department is introducing Cyber-Physical Systems Healthcare open AI platform that allows data collected and maintained at various hospitals and primary care centers to be used for training high-precision ML models. FotoInMotion Innovations is providing a solution to bring new life to still photos with its automated processes for contextual data extraction, object recognition, creative transformation, editing and text animation.

This year’s participants under the Kickstarter category also include Arrestad Innovations from Université Paris est Cretil (UPEC), which proposes an entirely new glycobiology-based technology, aiming to develop a new class of drug candidates that can help patients is able to prevent and/or arrest AD-neurodegeneration. Or people are at risk.

Waigoo’s solutions show a depth of innovation that traces the direction of arrival of an electromagnetic source such as smartphones, beacons, smartwatches, IoT objects, or any object emitting a BLE signal. The AMADEUS innovation is a latent heat thermophotovoltaic battery that stores a surplus of renewable production and produces combined heat and electricity on demand. Last but not least, influential innovation seeks to reduce the dire impact caused by oil spills in the oceans

You can vote for your favorite startup in the Kickstarter category by clicking here.

Voting for the Innovation Radar Prize 2022 is open until October 21 and you can vote by clicking here.

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