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Instagram will introduce a set of parental control features in March that will give parents and guardians more monitoring and control over their teens’ use of the social media platform, the company. announced On Tuesday, just a day before the platform’s chief Adam Mosseri faces a congressional hearing over the photo-sharing app’s impact on young users.

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one in blog post, Mosseri said the new features are designed to make Instagram safer for young people and that the platform will take a stricter approach to what it recommends for teens.

The measures will allow parents and guardians to monitor how much time their teens spend on the app, enable them to set time limits, and notify them if their teen reports someone on the platform.

The platform is also working on an educational hub for parents focused on children’s use of social media.

The meta-owned company said it will be rolling out access to its new “Break Break” feature, which prompts users who have used the app for a set amount of time to take some time off from the app. Is.

Like the “Take a Break” feature, the parental controls will also be an “opt-in” feature where teen users will have to give their parents access. wall street journal informed ofQuoting a company spokesperson.


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