Intel Unison enables connectivity from Windows PC with Android and iOS devices! –

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The new Intel PCs will soon have features that Macs have long offered, namely the ability to send messages, make calls, and send files to the iPhone. This is made possible thanks to the Intel Unison app, which aims to allow Windows users to stay in their workflow without being distracted by their phones.

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Not only can it be connected to iOS devices, but this feature can also be used with Android based devices. Therefore, users will be able to increase their productivity without being distracted just to make calls or answer messages on their mobile devices.

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After acquiring Israeli company Screenovate last year, Intel has been tweaking its mobile integration tools to suit more demanding users. With Unison, there is support for VPN, firewall and IT management. Intel also pays special attention to battery efficiency, as well as managing wireless connections across Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular.

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The result is something that could be more useful than Microsoft’s Your Phone app for Windows, which looks really cool but only works with Android phones.

According to Josh Newman, Intel’s VP of mobile innovation, Unison will offer faster file transfers between phones and computers. However, a more detailed speedup has yet to be announced. For example, users can quickly take photos or videos on their phone and send them to a Windows computer for additional editing. This application also allows users to send files from PC to mobile.

For Windows users who want integration between Mac and iOS devices, Unison could be the thing many PC users have been waiting for. However, we’ll have to see how it plays out before we make a decision, and its limited support could be a problem.

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For starters, Intel will only offer Unison for some 12th-generation Evo PCs from HP, Acer, and Lenovo. Newman says it will move to the 13th generation Evo system next year. Asked if it could support Intel’s previous hardware, Newman didn’t elaborate, but he said the company wanted to see how Unison performs on the first few system groups.

It is also possible that Unison supports AMD chips. But AMD needs to be able to “make peace” with Intel to make sure they can get the same features.

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