INVESTING SHOW: How Impax Environmental Markets invests in companies that can help the planet – and made a 311% return in a decade

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Impax Environmental Markets has been scouring the world for two decades looking for companies that can help meet the challenges the planet is facing.

Long before the recent trend towards green investing and ESG funds emerged, its managers were making a living tracking revolutionary companies with distinction.

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And this strategy has proven to be very profitable for long-term investment fund investors, with overall returns of 75 percent over five years and 311 percent over ten years, according to the Association of Investment Companies.

However, Impax is not immune to the stock storm and has fallen 5.9% over the past year, with the stock falling to a 5.19% discount to net asset value.

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But what are green markets and what is Impax looking for in a company? In this edition of the Investing Show, Impax Environmental Markets Senior Portfolio Manager Jon Forster joins Simon Lambert and Richard Hunter to explain more.

He also talks about some of the exciting things Impax is investing in, from a UK company helping industrial users use steam more efficiently, to firms helping to reduce the impact of agriculture while increasing its yield.

Impax Ecological Markets

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Compound: investment trust

Trust size: £1,276 million

Current fees: 0.81%

Dividend Yield: 0.72%

Total income for 1 year: -5.9%

Total income for 5 years: 75.2%

Total income for 10 years: 310.8%

Premium/Discount: -5.19%

The long-term performance of Impax Environment Markets shares is impressive, but they are not immune to the stock storm and have fallen to their peaks during the pandemic.

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