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Leaning in the face of a multinational campaign to end the practice of competing to attract foreign businesses with lower tax rates, Ireland is looking to raise its minimum corporate rate for multinational companies from 12.5% ​​to 15%. has agreed to sign the agreement.

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More than 130 countries have agreed through the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development to set a global minimum rate of 15% on multinationals with revenues of more than $890 million to prevent large companies from moving their headquarters to locations with lower rates. A framework agreement from Even if they benefit from sales in countries with higher rates.

Ireland was the last developed country jump on the ship– Under a low tax scheme established in 2003, it is Attracted Big US tech companies like Facebook and Apple will set up their European headquarters there.

According to the American Chamber of Commerce Ireland, more than 800 American businesses operate in Ireland. wall street journal reported, and those businesses have 180,000 employees.

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$245 billion. so many governments lose From corporate tax to tax haven every year, according to the London-based Tax Justice Network Advocacy Group.

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Guernsey, an island between Britain and France, has a 0% corporate tax rate for most companies, followed by Barbados at 5.5% and Hungary at 9%, according to Tax Foundation.

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Irish Finance Minister Pascal Donohoe said the decision would “ensure that Ireland is part of the solution with respect to a future international tax structure,” according to Businesshala. The Biden administration has sought to introduce a global tax rate to end what US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen described as a “downward race” on corporate taxes. At home, President Joe Biden is attempting to raise the corporate income tax rate from 21% to 28%. Trump tookArrears Rate of 35% to 21%.

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