Israeli President Isaac Herzog criticized Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov for claiming that Hitler had Jewish blood, accusing him of engaging in antisemitism a day after the Kremlin doubled down on its diplomatic spat with Israel by accusing the country of supporting ‘neo-Nazis’ in Ukraine .

Key Facts

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In an interview with HaaretzHerzog said he couldn’t at first believe the remarks had actually been made by a Russian foreign minister, adding they made him “angry and disgusted.”

The Israeli president accused Lavrov of spreading “terrible lies, which smell of antisemitism” and said that he expected him to “retract his words and apologize.”

Despite this, Herzog said he doesn’t believe Lavrov’s remarks will harm bilateral relations between Israel and Russia but warned that they could “cast a cloud over them” if he fails to correct the remarks.

In the interview, the Israeli president made no comment about the Russian foreign ministry’s allegations of Israel of supporting “neo-Nazis” in Ukraine.

No other Israeli officials have yet publicly responded to Moscow’s latest retort, however, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid sought an apology from his Russian counterpart for his remarks on Monday.