Jakarta-based Mindterra helps companies monitor employee morale

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During the pandemic, Tita Ardiati and Bayu Puspito Bhascaro began developing life coaching materials to support employees who were becoming increasingly exhausted by working from home. They were so well received that they decided to develop their product into an employee assistance program called Mindterra, which now serves over 10,000 employees in Indonesia.

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Today, the startup announced seed funding totaling $850,000 led by East Ventures with participation from SeedStar International Ventures and angel investors.

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Bhaskoro told TechCrunch that the startup is focused on B2B markets including medium to large enterprises. It also provides a self-service platform for small to medium enterprises. Its main sectors are finance, consulting and retail, and its typical clientele has over 200 employees.

Mindterra aims to help employees with challenges related to their work as well as their personal lives such as finance, family and relationships. On the other hand, companies gain insight into what employees want and how to create a more engaged and productive workforce.

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MindTerra consists of two platforms. The first, called MindTerra Pro, is an analytics dashboard and app with assessment tools for collecting employee feedback, which is used for insight into the well-being and engagement of a company’s workforce. This includes surveys that allow employees to participate anonymously or use their names. They may provide suggestions, criticism, and other opinions about their work and the employer.

The second, MindTerra Plus, connects companies with coaching and development consultants to help with management and workplace culture issues. Employers have the option of subscribing to MindTerra Plus for a continuous action plan or working with consultants on demand. MindTerra Plus utilizes internal consultants, external certified consultants and curated partners, who provide strategic program plans and monthly or quarterly progress reports for clients.

Bhaskoro said MindTerra’s main competitors are EAPs and traditional workforce consulting agencies based outside Indonesia. The main way Mindterra sets itself apart is by giving employers real-time monitoring of how employees are engaged, instead of waiting for reports. MindTerra Pro gives them greater visibility into spend across activities, vendors or platforms they use as interventions to improve productivity and performance.

Newding will be used to expand MindTerra’s B2B platform, which aims to become Indonesia’s top employee assistance program platform.

In a statement about the funding, Patricia Sosrodjojo, General Partner at SeedStars International Ventures, said, “The world has seen a huge shift in understanding how integral mental health and wellness is to businesses, but there is still much work to be done. To tackle this effectively, Mindterra is at the forefront of fundamental changes in the workplace and has been able to rapidly expand its reach in the HR space of Indonesia.

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