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A House panel probing the Capitol riots on Monday issued subpoenas to conspiratorial radio host Alex Jones and ex-Trump adviser Roger Stone, as lawmakers watch pro-Trump rallies that took place just before the attack on the Capitol building.

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January 6 Committee calls for documents and testimony five people It says the rallies in the lead-up to the January 6 riots included: Jones, Stone, Trump. Spokesman Taylor Budovich and Prominent Trump Supporters Dustin Stockton and Jennifer Lawrence,

MPs said Jones – who has it supported Former President Donald Trump’s False Voter Fraud Claims – HELPED Organize and fundraise For a fiery rally outside the White House, which featured Trump’s speech just before a crowd stormed the Capitol.

Committee cited reports that Stone spoke at a rally the day before the Capitol riot, was scheduled to speak again on January 6 and members used A group of far-right pledgers to personal safety in Washington, DC

Lawrence and Stockton were also called to testify as the couple Allegedly helped Rally organized outside White House and lawmakers Say He summoned Budovich separate group work To organize “social media and radio advertising campaigns” with the aim of encouraging people to participate in the rally.

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