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JetBlue CEO Robin Hayes said less than 300 of the nearly 21,000 employees did not comply with the airline’s vaccine mandate, as Southwest and other major airlines faced intense opposition from their employees.

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Hayes told MSNBC that about 98% of his employees followed the vaccine mandate, a number he expects to increase as the airline hosts a vaccination campaign and the December 8 federal deadline approaches.

In October, United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby said That 99.7% of its employees complied with the vaccine mandate, and that 232 workers did not pay and were on leave.

Delta Airlines reported last month that 90% of its crew had been vaccinated.

Things haven’t been so smooth for Southwest: Last month the airline canceled 2,000 flights that cost them $75 million, a disruption that was largely rumored to be the result of an employee rebellion against vaccine mandates, but The company said it was caused by bad weather and air traffic issues.

After the disruptions, the airline called off its plan to put unpaid workers on unpaid leave.

American Airlines, which suffered massive cancellations due to bad weather but has experienced complaints from some employees about their mandate, Extended the deadline for your vaccine After the Biden administration’s extension to federal employees, until Jan.

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