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Two proposals to redistribute Congress, introduced by Ohio Republicans last week Expansion The party’s advantage in the state would be even greater, but would also replace the district held by the GOP’s own representative Jim Jordan, potentially making the seat a competitor One for Democrats and leading to speculation among conservatives that state Republicans were trying to “out” outspoken Jordan.

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Two maps presented Wednesday by House and Senate Republicans could give the party a 13-2 lead over Democrats in Ohio’s congressional delegation. Columbus Dispatch, instead of the current 12-4 breakdown.

Both would include Democratic strongholds in Jordan’s Fourth Congressional District.

The Senate GOP’s version would pit Jordan for the seat against Democratic Representative Joyce Beatty, who Fox News said Monday had made Jordan’s allies “furious”.

Jordan is a major Supporter Former President Donald Trump and the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee.

According to, Jordan would “still probably be safe” under the Senate map and the district would also maintain a Republican advantage under the House map.

Democrats in return criticized Maps to be shared at the last minute and for Amount A spokesman for the Ohio Democratic Party called for gerrymandering to the House, describing it as a “naked partisan attempt to advance the system” in favor of Republicans.

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