Top Line

Lawyers representing Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, who wrote a 2018 op-ed on Heard in their $50 million defamation lawsuit, in which she called herself a “public figure representing domestic abuse,” on Friday Presented closing arguments, which drew attention to the televised civil case. Millions for six weeks, and leaving it to the jury to decide.

Key Facts

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Depp’s attorney Camille Vasquez said that Heard’s claims had “ruined her life”, and accused Heard of having bruises on her face upon obtaining a restraining order against her under false pretenses, adding that she There was real abuse in the relationship and he was the victim.

Vasquez replayed the recording for the jury, in which Heard can be heard shouting at Depp and calling his name, saying that she wishes he had punched her instead of hitting him, adding that Heard ” Violent,” “outrageous” and “brutal.”

Heard’s attorney, pointing to a 2018 op-ed at the center of the suit, told jurors that the article was not a hit piece about Depp, and that his claims in it, including the title, were not false.

Hurd’s team encouraged the jury to “stand up for victims of domestic abuse” and freedom of speech.

Depp’s lawyers argued that unlike other alleged abusers who were “cancelled” by the #MeToo movement, no one else came forward to accuse him of abuse, while Heard’s team claimed that Depp’s team was “to the victim”. blaming” and sent a message to other victims that they have to be “perfect” to talk about their domestic abuse experiences.