Join the “Power Up with E-Mobility” – a TE Connectivity Startup Challenge

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TE Connectivity develops highly engineered solutions that power electric vehicles, aircraft, digital factories and smart homes. For more than 75 years, TE has partnered with customers to produce connectivity and sensing products that make a connected world possible. With a strong focus on reliability and sustainability, TE’s wide range of products enables companies – both large and small – to turn ideas into technology that will change the way the world works and tomorrow. In this context, TE is launching the “Power Up with E-Mobility” Startup Challenge!

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Discover the “Power Up With E-Mobility” Startup Challenge

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Since its inception, TE Connectivity has been one of the leading players in mobility electrification, working with almost every automotive OEM and Tier-One supplier across the globe. In short, almost every car has a TE component!

The “Power Up with E-Mobility” Startup Challenge is open to startups, small businesses and university research teams and spin-offs working on tech solutions in four specific categories:

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Connect: TE is looking for next-generation connectivity solutions that are faster, smaller, more reliable and more efficient. How do you get more with less? Protect: Pushing the limits on power and power density, even in combination with high-speed data communications, needs to be managed carefully. How do you make e-mobility secure? Sense: Data Can Help Improve Almost Everything – What insights do you generate to boost e-mobility solutions’ performance? Other: Do you help advance electric mobility in any other way? Don’t hesitate to apply! TE is always interested in innovative technologies that will enable the future of e-mobility.

In addition, your solution must be at least at Technical Readiness Level 6.

For more background, TE creates high-voltage connectivity and sensing solutions that are the electrical foundation for safe and reliable zero-emissions cars. TE’s range of EV products covers the entire spectrum of EV energy transfer – providing safe, reliable, durable, and efficient electrical system connectivity that meets the increased power ratings and high thermal and vibration requirements that design engineers require. is seeking.

Explore the Benefits of the “Power Up with E-Mobility” Startup Challenge

The top six applicants will be invited to an exclusive internal pitching program where you will have the opportunity to interact with TE engineering and business leadership as well as with subject matter experts. In addition to the cash prize, TE offers the following benefits to all six finalists:

Cash Prize: USD 30,000 for an eventual winner, equity-free and no strings attached. Expert Collaboration: Interact closely with TE Engineering in an in-depth and intimate two-day collaboration. Internal Access: Enjoy access to TE’s experts, products, equipment, processes. , and data, as well as its in-depth knowledge of the requirements of the automotive and transportation industry. Executive Networking: Receive exposure to senior TE leadership from your business, engineering, strategy, M&A, and marketing teams. Potential Pilot Project: TE may offer up to six finalists the opportunity to collaborate with TE’s Transportation Solutions segment on a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) or subsequent pilot project. Global Promotions: A public press announcement of the six finalists and the winner across TE’s communication channels.

Your applications will be assessed by leadership functions from TE’s Transportation Solutions segment, which includes four business units – automotive, industrial and commercial transportation, sensor and application tooling, as well as business units from TE’s senior engineering, product management, strategy and Leadership. Marketing Teams.

Important Dates and Challenge Timeline The last date to submit your application is 31 October 2022. The evaluation of applications ends by the end of November 2022. Virtual pitching events will be held from 6th to 8th December 2022. More about special virtual pitching events

Day 1: 6 December 2022 – A special pitching event for the six finalists will be held online for a global TE internal audience.

Day 2: 7 December 2022 – Following the pitching event, each finalist will be matched against a team of pre-selected TE engineers for a virtual collaboration session. The overall time window for this teamwork will be around 40 hours. The goal of the collaboration is to apply the applicants’ technology to a new or improved product, process or service.

Day 3: 8 December 2022 – Finally, on the third day, joint proposals will be presented by a jury with real-time scoring followed by the selection of the winner.

Ready to build a safer, more sustainable, productive and connected future with TE Connectivity? apply today!


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