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John Gruden will no longer serve as coach of the Las Vegas Raiders, multiple news outlets reported Monday, after a trove of years-old emails sent him exchanging sexist banter against NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in homophobic terms. And one was shown making racist remarks about it. NFL Players Union official appearance.

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Gruden’s departure from the Raiders was reported by ESPNhandjob NFL Network, ns The Associated Press And this Washington Post, all of which cited an undisclosed source (the team did not respond to a request for comment). Businesshala)

When Gruden worked as a commentator for ESPN, he called Goodell a “faggot” and an “anti-football pussy”—among other insults—in an email to former Washington football team chairman Bruce Allen, New York Times Reported on Monday.

Gruden also reportedly suggested that Eric Reid should lose his job for the sake of security. kneeling during the national anthem, and apparently criticized Goodell for pushing the rams—which drafted Openly gay Michael Sam in 2014 – “Queer” to be hired (Raiders defensive end Carl Naseeb became the first openly gay player on an active NFL roster earlier this year).

Another person emailed Gruden a meme depicting a female referee in sexist terms, prompting her to reply, “Good job Roger,” Times informed of.

A league source confirmed Times accuracy of story Businesshala.

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Gruden first came under fire last week for using racist caricatures to describe NFL Players Association chief Demoris Smith — who is black — in a 2011 email, wall street journal informed of. He said that Smith, whom he called “Dumboris”, had “lips shaped like Michelin”. [sic] tires.” Both the Raiders and the NFL criticized Gruden, and Gruden apologized in an interview with magazine.

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gruden acknowledged to espn On Friday, he used a slang term to describe Goodell in a 2011 email, claiming he was frustrated by the NFL lockout and growing concerns about the safety of football.

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Gruden has served as the Raiders’ head coach since 2018. It follows an early turn at the Raiders’ helm in the late 1990s, several years as head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the early 2000s and a few years as an ESPN analyst. . Emails between Gruden and Allen surfaced during a NFL investigation According to the Washington football team in harassment and misconduct Times And magazine.

Raiders Coach’s Email Contains Homophobic and Misogynistic Comments (New York Times)