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Jose Chao, President and CEO of Copa Cocktails USA, which creates bartender quality, ready-to-serve cocktails in beautifully crafted bottles, joins Enterprise Radio.

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This episode of Enterprise Radio is in association with Beverage Industry Channel.

Hear host Eric Die and guest Jose Chao discuss the following:

Can you tell us something about your company? The Copa Cocktail is now available in 38 countries, can you tell me a little bit about why the Copa expanded to the US? I can see that the Copa Cocktail has beautiful packaging; Can you tell me a little bit about that effect on the back of the bottle? How is Koppa different from the overcrowded RTD category? Looks like you’re having great success in the crowded category. What signs can you share with other people who want to achieve similar success?

Cuban-born Jose Chao arrived in America at the age of 8. His grandfather was an associate for the Cuban Rum Distillery, and Chao followed in his footsteps in the wine industry. Educated at the University of Illinois, the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, Chao’s career has included domestic and international leadership positions with multinationals such as Bacardi Global. brand, for which he led Global Duty Free/Travel Retail; Mary Brijard Wines & Spirits, for which she led US sales; Start-ups like Blue Nectar Tequila; and his own company Horizon International brand.

Chao is currently the President and CEO of Copa Cocktail USA, a brand that is multinational, yet US Chao’s expertise includes creating overall brand strategy, securing distribution partners, negotiating distribution contracts, developing pricing strategies Having expertise in designing, groundbreaking. and award-winning international marketing campaigns, and building high-performing teams are in full force.

Chao lives with his wife between Miami, Chicago and New York and has three grown daughters. In his spare time, he enjoys all the sports, traveling and fine dining.


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