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Wisconsin Judge Bruce Schroeder defended his choice to have Kyle Rittenhouse arrive in a metal container and randomly select which jury will deliberate in his murder trial, claiming Wednesday that he nearly Have used this unusual method since an “incident” two decades ago – drawing attention to Schroeder yet again as the country awaits Rittenhouse’s decision.

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Some 18 jurors listened to the entire trial, but before starting deliberations on Tuesday, the court asked Rittenhouse to draw six random numbers from a raffle-style glass to determine which six. The jury will act as an alternate rather than deciding the case.

Legal experts told The Associated Press And NBC News This method of selecting the 12 jury members to participate in the deliberations is unusual but not necessarily problematic.

Schroeder acknowledged Wednesday that he’s not sure if several other judges would ask defendants to choose numbers for alternate jurors, but called it an “almost universal” policy he’s used in his courtrooms for nearly 20 years. done in the room.

He says the method originated after a court clerk randomly eliminated the only black juror from a high-profile trial of a Black defendant, which he called “a bad optic.”


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