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A Georgia state judge presiding over the murder trial for three men accused of stalking and murdering Ahmed Arbery on Monday rejected a defense request after one of the defense attorneys entered a public courtroom. Argued the presence of prominent civil rights figures. An inappropriate “atmosphere.”

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Attorney Kevin Gough, representing defendant William “Roddy” Bryan, argued that sitting in the courtroom “symbols of civil rights” are among the factors for an unfair trial, and that was after Joined To call for a wrongful trial by the counsel of the other two defendants in the case.

Gough argued earlier Thursday that Rev. Jesse Jackson needed Must be removed from court, and the judge asked Rev. to be kicked last week. al sharpton Out of the building – both requests were denied.

Gough also noted last week: “We don’t want any more black pastors here,” although he Later Sorry for the comment.

Denying the motion, Judge Timothy Walmsley said he found some of Gough’s comments on the matter “reprehensible,” suggesting that those statements may have prompted the showing of more civil rights figures.

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