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In the space of two hours, lawyers for former President Donald Trump filed a second request late Monday to block the National Archives from releasing the records to the committee on January 6, and after midnight, a judge dismissed the effort.

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Trump’s attorney, Jesse Binnell, issued a second request late Monday, asking Judge Tanya Chutkan to grant an “administrative stay” of his decision for the first trial — which he has yet to do.

Chutkan rejected Binnal’s request early Tuesday, calling it legally flawed and “premature”, in a brief overnight decision.

The second request comes as Chutkan is already weighing another lawsuit filed in October, aimed at preventing archives from sharing the records until Friday.

Binnell also said he will go to appeals court if Chutkan doesn’t deliver a verdict on the trial by Wednesday, Thursday is a federal holiday and the archives plans to release the records to Congress on Friday at 6 p.m.

Chutkan said she can only stay “pending an appeal”, not earlier, and that her decision on the trial would come “swiftly”.

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