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a federal judge rejected Former President Donald Trump’s second attempt to block White House records from handing over to lawmakers investigating the January 6 riots, ruling late Wednesday she would not block her earlier decision as requested by Trump—more documents will pave the way for its release. Unless an appeals court intervenes on Friday.

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After ruling on Tuesday that Trump could not stop his White House record from being overturned, US District Judge Tanya Chutkan rejected Trump’s request to withhold his earlier decision, while the former president took the matter to a higher level. Appealed in court.

Chutkan ruled Trump was unlikely to be successful in his attempt to avoid seeing the documents, and he “can’t make the final run” around the court’s earlier decision to defend himself by simply appealing the case.

Trump has argued over executive branch documents – CNN reports involve White House call logs, visitor logs and memos—from then-Chief of Staff Mark Meadows—should be preserved because of executive privilege, which allows presidents to keep certain sensitive communications private.

Chutkan said in his Tuesday ruling that the argument was unfounded now that Trump is out of office, noting that “the president is not the king, and the plaintiffs are not the president.”

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