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A state court in Manhattan will not require the Trump Organization to reimburse former Trump attorney Michael Cohen for millions of dollars in legal expenses, a judge Friday dismissed a year-old lawsuit filed by a Trump loyalist-turned-adversary. .

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Manhattan Judge Joel Cohen on Friday dismissed Michael Cohen’s lawsuit as prejudice.

Cohen sued the Trump Organization in early 2019, alleging that company had promised to pay any legal bills for several federal investigations into his work, but withdrew from that settlement after Cohen began cooperating with investigators.

but the judge concluded Many of those legal expenses—including costs associated with the criminal investigation of Cohen and Robert Mueller’s election interference investigation—were not related to Cohen’s work for the Trump Organization.

The judge cited Cohen’s amorphous role as “former President Trump’s personal ‘fixer’,” noting that Cohen had regards to his role as an employee of the Trump Organization and “more generally in the Trump classroom”. worked in

The Trump Organization called the decision an “incredible victory” in a statement. CNN, claiming “Mr. Cohen’s attempts at self-promotion … failed once again” (Businesshala The Trump Organization and Cohen’s lawyers have been reached for comment.

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