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Far-right attorney Sidney Powell’s attempt to quash a defamation suit against Dominion Voting Systems failed in court on Wednesday, as a federal judge dismissed his counterclaim against the company’s lawsuit, which used Dominion’s voting machines. Takes issue with false claims of electoral fraud spreading about.

Key Facts

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US District Judge Carl Nicholso Approved Dominion’s motion to dismiss Powell’s counterclaim, which asked the court to pay him $10 million in damages and hold a jury trial in addition to declaring Dominion’s defamation claims unsuccessful.

the counter Alleged Dominion “abuse of process” by bringing its $1.3 billion defamation suit last year, as it sought to “punish the case and cover up allegations of its voting” by Powell as a “public relations campaign”. was brought to set an example. machines.

Nichols, who was appointed by former President Donald Trump, ruled that there was no abuse of process, as it would require showing a “malformation of the judicial process,” which Powell did not prove.

Nichols wrote, siding with Dominion’s argument, Nichols wrote, “Powell’s counterclaim” fails to link his claim of abuse of process to any act that Dominion did other than suing and pursuing. have taken. Asked Judge to dismiss the counterclaim.

nicholas first dismiss A similar counterclaim was made by MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell in his defamation suit against Dominion, noting on Wednesday that he was rejecting Powell’s request “for fairly similar reasons.”

Powell has yet to respond to a request for comment.

chief critic

Powell's counterclaim alleges that "Dominion's actions were characterized by unreasonable motive, willful, wanton and malicious conduct, and were intentionally designed to injure Ms. Powell and the other defendants."

what to see

Dominion's case against Powell, along with other lawsuits brought by the company against attorney Rudy Giuliani and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, will not go to trial until late 2023 or early 2024, depending on the one. Schedule Nicholas set. The exact test date won't be known until at least July.

main background

Powell was the main Trump ally who linked Dominion's voting machines to electoral fraud after the 2020 election - which there is no evidence to support. Dominion filed a defamation suit against him in January 2021, alleging that he defamed the company by promoting a "false premeditation." Nichols denied Powell's motion to dismiss the case in August 2021, ruling Dominion had sufficient grounds to argue that he made his fraudulent claims "knowing they were false or negligent to the truth." with disregard." After filing its first lawsuit against Powell, Dominion and rival voting company Smartmatic -- which has also sued Powell -- have filed nearly a dozen lawsuits against individuals and companies that have lost their lives, including Fox News and several of its anchors. Has put forward false claims about machines. , Newsmax, OANN and former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne. Powell and the other plaintiffs who have been prosecuted are largely disregarding their election fraud claims, and Powell continues to assert his claims about the company's machines in his countersuit.

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