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a federal judge on Friday dismiss The trial of a Nevada woman who demanded millions of dollars from football star Cristiano Ronaldo, whom she said raped her in a 2009 Las Vegas hotel suite – a claim Ronaldo has long denied.

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District Court Judge Jennifer Dorsey noted that the case had “turned into a conflict” over documents the plaintiff, Katherine Mayorga, relied on to make her case, which were stolen records between Ronaldo and his lawyers that were reported in German news outlets. were leaked Mirror and published in 2017.

The suit argued that the publication of the documents violated a 2010 confidentiality agreement between Ronaldo and Mayorga, which included a $375,000 payment.

The documents were under attorney-client privilege, Dorsey ruled, making them essentially unusable in the case.

Dorsey said Mayorga’s attorney used the record to “abuse due diligence process and commit major fraud”, dismissing the case with prejudice, implying that Mayorga could not refine, although the judge appealed the decision. May go.

Mayorga’s attorney, Leslie Mark Stovall, did not immediately return a request for comment. Forbes,

Forbes does not usually publish the names of people claiming sexual assault, but Mayorga waived the right of anonymity in the case.,