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The closing arguments ended Tuesday after nearly two weeks of testimony at the trial of three white men accused of stalking and killing Ahmaud Arbery last year, sending a 12-person jury to decide their fate in the highly publicized case. get left.

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Tuesday marks 13 days in the trial of the father-son duo of Gregory and Travis McMichael and a neighbor, William “Roddy” Bryan, who prosecutors say chased Arbery, an unarmed black man, on February 23, 2020 and murdered him.

Prosecutors, led by attorney Linda Dunnikowski, argued throughout the trial that the three men who aggressively hunted Arbery and killed him on the basis of their race had no justification for their actions.

In his closing argument on Monday, Dunnikowski claimed the men went after Arbery “because he was a black man running down the street.”

Defense lawyers argued that the men who suspected Arbery, an avid jogger, were running through their suburban Brunswick, Georgia, neighborhood because he was a thief, and therefore followed him as part of the citizen’s arrest. had a right to go, even though he had not seen any crime committed.

Prosecutors say the men falsely imprisoned Arbery by surrounding him with his pickup trucks after a five-minute chase, at which point Travis McMichael confronted Arbery and killed him with his shotgun, which McMichael testified. It was an act of self-defense because he thought Arbery was going to take the gun.

Prosecutors say self-defense is not possible in this case because the men were acting as attackers.

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