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Former Empire actor Jussie Smollett, taking a stand Monday at his trial, denied having staged a fake hate crime attack, where he claimed the money he paid to his alleged attackers was for legitimate business expenses and that he had previously had done drugs and had a romantic relationship with one of the men involved.

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Smollett, 39, testified that “there was no cheating,” according to Fox News, as he faces six counts of disorderly conduct for filing a false police report — which prosecutors say he did after staging a hate crime attack against him.

While prosecutors have argued that Smollett paid two men – Abimbola and Olabingo Osundaro – to help organize the attack – Smollett said that was not the case.

Smollett told the court that he had a previous romantic relationship with Abimbola Osundaro, one of the men who had allegedly assaulted him, adding that he and Abimbola met at a club, did drugs together, in a bathhouse. made and had sex, according to NS The Associated Press,

Smollett said he paid Osundairos $3,500 for advice related to nutrition and personal training.

Last week, Abimbola denied Having sex with Smollett, according to The Daily Beast, and that Smollett paid her and her brother Olabingo $3,500 to attack her.


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